Our services

NutriliciousbyWandy provides nutrition and wellness consulting for you and your family’s nutrition needs. We are very passionate about helping people make right food choices and adapt a healthy lifestyle. We offer various services to suit your needs. Call us today and we can help you pick out the best plan for you and book your appointment with us.

Individual Assessment

Initial Consult:
In your initial visit, a detailed assessment will be taken on your health status, your current intake, Height, weight, BMI, medications, labs results. After that a comprehensive nutritional assessment will be performed to determine your nutrition needs, establish your individual goals and develop a personalized plan to achieve your health goals.

Follow-up Consult:
I recommend a follow-up session in 3-4 weeks based on your nutrition needs, goals and your plan developed during your initial visit. During your follow up visit; your progress will be monitored, barriers will be evaluated and necessary changes and recommendations will be made to your nutritional plan.

Online 6 weeks Healthy Lifestyle coaching

As a nutrition and lifestyle coach, I will be your personal health cheerleader and guide you towards healthy sustainable goals. I will help you implement lifestyle changes to improve your physical and mental health. This program is a 6 week consecutive intervention. It is about making smarter food choices in order to achieve specific personal health outcomes.

Family Nutrition Makeover

NutriliciousbyWandy finds family very important it is the center of healthy living. I strongly believe that healthy eating habits are an integral part of family’s health and happiness. I can help establish a healthy eating plan for the entire family where each individual will get to develop their individual nutritional needs and goals with the dietitian and recommendations on how to make healthy eating a fun reality for the entire family.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

I specialize in nutrition therapy for various diseases including Diabetes, pediatrics, renal diseases, weight management, and Women’s health.

Nutrition Talks

Nutrilicious provides group talks on various nutrition topics including:

  • Healthy eating for life
  • Healthy eating with Diabetes
  • Women’s health
  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Healthy lunch box
  • Plant Based nutrition
  • Cooking demonstrations.

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Corporate Wellness:

Nutrition workshops to create a working environment where your employees are motivated and stay in good health

The nutrition workshops focus on employee health and how eating the right food types can improve concentration and energy levels, keeping them alert and focused throughout the day. From the basics of nutrition to specific subjects, here are a selection of topics that are covered:

  • Nutrition and healthy eating for wellbeing
  • Nutrition for stress management
  • Women’s health, hormones and happiness
  • Men’s nutritional health and wellbeing
  • Nutritional wellbeing for shift workers
  • Nutrition and healthy ageing in the workplace

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Healthy goodiebags

Make your healthy event a positive experience by our Healthy goodie bags with items that make an impact. Many of these items can be customized to your preference.

Healthy lunches, fruit boxes and special occasion boxes.

Nutrilicious One-on-One Workshops for Better Health!

At Nutrilicious, we are committed to your well-being. Our personalized one-on-one workshops are designed to empower you on your journey towards better health.

Book an engaging one-on-one workshop at Nutrilicious, where we’ll create healthy meals together. Let’s make nutritious eating exciting and enjoyable!